Announcing : CLAIND N2 LC-MS noise reduction enclosure

MS NOISE announces a new dedicated insulated box for the CLAIND N2 LC-MS nitrogen generator for LC-MS (performance of -15dB(A). So -75% decrease in noise perception)


MS Noise™ is focused on acoustic insulation in laboratories (noise reduction enclosures for vacuum pumps & forepumps).

We design, produce and deliver solutions to reduce the noise generated by any kind of equipment in laboratories.

MS Noise™ is the leading manufacturer of noise reduction enclosures for vacuum pumps, water chillers, water coolers, ultrasonic bath, compressors,nitrogen generators.

We provide also consultant services in the fields of noise, acoustic, sound and vibration.

MS Noise™ staff offers expertise in the fields of industrial noise, laboratory noise, mechanical noise, environmental noise, noise monitoring, and predictive modelling.

Please find below our New CLAIND-N2 noise reduction enclosure dedicated to the N2 -nitrogen- generator for LC-MS from CLAIND :


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Just to let you know, we also design and produce custom OEM vacuum pump enclosures on request, in cooperation with major worldwide companies.

In this case, we can adapt many parameters.

Examples :

– Cooling performance
– Complete design (Size, Shape, Colour, OEM branding logo…)
– Pipe work and power supply optimization from and to the equipment
– Accessibility optimization
– Noise enclosure illumination for easy oil level check through window
– Pump ballasting and oil draining process optimization
– Digital temperature display, overheating temperature alarm device
– Vibration optimization
– Ready to use or flatpack delivery (assembly in less than 5 minutes, no tools required)

Regarding to the CLAIND nitrogen generator itself (NiGen HF-0, NiGen HF-1), please find more information below:


FLOW RATE NiGen LCMS 40-1 : 38 Nl/min ± 10% a 2000 m slm

NiGen LCMS 100 : 100 Nl/min ± 10% a 2000 m slm

OUTPUT PRESSURE 0 – 7 bar/0 – 100 psi ± 3%
PURITY up to 99.9%
COMPRESSOR Only in the version 40-1

Oil vapors ≤ 0,01 mg/m3

Moisture ≤ 3° C dew point

min pressure: 8.5 bar/120 psi

max pressure: 10 bar/145 psi

min flow NiGen LCMS 100: 250 Nl/min

ELECTRICAL SUPPLY x LCMS 100 115/230 Vac ± 10% 60/50 Hz  50 W
ELECTRICAL SUPPLY x LCMS 40-1 115 Vac ± 10% 60 Hz  1,9 kW

230 Vac ± 10% 50 Hz  1,6 kW

NOISE < 50 dBA  during the stand by of the compressor

< 65 dBA  with compressor running

OPERATING TEMPERATURE 5°C fino 35°C (41°F fino 95°F)
ENVIRONMENTAL HUMIDITY max 90% without condensation
MAX ALTITUDE 0÷2000 m slm
DIMENSIONS Height: 132 cm/52” Width: 44 cm/17.3” Depth: 110 cm/43.3”
WEIGHT version 40-1           220 kg/489 lbs

version 100            200 kg/444 lbs

PNEUMATIC CONNECTIONS Ingresso aria compressa: G 1/4” female

Uscita azoto: G 1/4” female



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