-0o0- NOISE & Ebara EV-SA30, Ebara EV-SA20. New enclosure!

MS Noise is the leading manufacturer regarding sound insulation and noise reduction / soundproofed boxes. What we would like to do today is to show you a very effective sound insulation box for the Ebara EV-SA30 & EV-SA20 models (vacuum pumps). You can get a nice decrease level of noise of -75%! So… what do you think about such a noise reduction performance?


MS Noise™ is focused on acoustic insulation in laboratories (insulated solutions mainly for vacuum pumps and nitrogen generators).

We are used to design, produce and deliver solutions to reduce the noise generated by a lot of various equipment in laboratories.

MS Noise™ staff offers expertise in the fields of industrial noise, laboratory noise, mechanical noise, environmental noise, etc.

Please find below our sound insulation box for the EBARA pumps (EV-SA20 & EV-SA30 pumps) :






This solution (soundproofed ventilated enclosure) is dedicated to the Ebara primary pumps / backing pumps.


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Just to let you know, we also design and produce custom OEM vacuum pump enclosures on request, in cooperation with major worldwide companies.

In this case, we can adapt many parameters.

Examples :

– Cooling performance
– Complete design (Size, Shape, Colour, OEM branding logo…)
– Pipe work and power supply optimization from and to the equipment
– Accessibility optimization
– Noise enclosure illumination for easy oil level check through window
– Pump ballasting and oil draining process optimization
– Digital temperature display, overheating temperature alarm device
– Vibration optimization
– Ready to use or flatpack delivery (assembly in less than 5 minutes, no tools required)

Regarding to the Ebara pump itself for example, please find more information below:

Information & specifications about the Ebara EV-SA20 backing pump :



Please find below further information regarding the EV-SA20-2 (-3) backing pump :






EV-SA20-2 (1Phase 200V) EV-SA20-3 (3Phase 200V)
Pumping Speed 1,670 L/min


Gas ballast : OFF 3.0 Pa
Gas ballast : ON 5.0 Pa
Maximum Inlet Pressure Atmospheric
Maximum pure water vapor tolerance

[note 1]


100 g/hr



Gas Inlet NW40
Gas Outlet NW40
Approx. Power at Ultimate Pressure 0.45 kW
Maximum 1.5 kW
Current Rating 11.1 A 6.5 A
Lubrication oil Brand, Manufacturer BARRIERTA J100ES, NOK
Quantity 70 mL
Approx. Weight 65 kg





Inlet Voltage [50/60 Hz] 1Phase, 200-240 V 3Phase, 200-240 V
Tolerable Voltage

Fluctuation [note 2]


+/- 10 %

Power Capacity 3.0 kVA



IEC 60320-C20


C016 20C003 100 12

Circuit Protector Rating 16 A 15A
SCCR 1.0 kA 1.0 kA
Control Signal D-sub 15Pin
Cooling System Air Cooling
Ambient Temperature 5 to 40 deg C


[note 1]   It is an amount of the maximum processing when the gas ballast is “ON”. [note 2]   This is tolerable voltage range, and is not steady voltage.

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